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Regretfully we have decided to postpone ICAN VI (which was meant to take place in September 2021) on account of the current pandemic, particularly because there are reasons to assume that restrictions to international travel and social distancing measures throughout 2021 would jeopardize a successful, safe and inclusive gathering of such a large international group in September of that year. We are currently planning to hold the conference in 2022. Specific dates will be announced when the development of the pandemic becomes clearer.

Information and contact

Stay in touch on social media (Facebook and twitter): @NovelSaints #ICANVI

More information will be posted on our website and social media as the conference preparations advance. If you have any conference-related questions, feel free to email us at icanvi@ugent.be.

Facts about ICAN

  • This picture of #ICAN5 makes us wish ICANVI was here already! Whom can you recognize?

  • Reardon reports that #ICAN2, at Dartmouth College in 1989, was held - to the surprise of almost everyone - in the heat. Many found relief by swimming in the Connecticut River. #Classicsconferences are never dull!
  • Schmeling on #ICAN1: 'In an after-dinner paper Stephanie West (with a straight face) reported on the discovery of new fragments of a novel on papyri, which, however, she had made out of whole cloth. Some in the audience accepted her imaginings as fact.'