Last updated 18th February 2022.


  • Which covid-restrictions will be in place in Belgium when I come over in September?

For the moment, no covid restrictions are in place in Belgium, so you do not need to wear a face mask or take a test (unless you visit from certain countries – please check guidelines for your country – we are not responsible for any breaches of covid regulations). To ensure the safety of participants, we would encourage everyone to take a covid test prior to joining the conference. Also, please be respectful of others wearing (or not wearing) a face mask.

  • Do I need to show my covid certificate with QR code if I want to take part in the conference physically?

For the moment, no regulations are in place and therefore it is not necessary to show your covid certificate.

  • Will I need to quarantine when I come over to Belgium in September?

Travel restrictions and quarantine regulations have been eased significantly, but please check the regulations on the government website. We can take no responsibility for quarantining or testing measures in place in September. Please check before you travel.

  • Are hotels, restaurants, and cafés open?

They are, for the moment, though closing times may differ. You do not need to show any covid certificate for eating out in a restaurant etc.

  • Can you recommend nice restaurants or cafés?

Ghent is a hot spot for brilliant places to eat and drink. Try one of these cafés in the centre and you can’t go wrong. These places serve some pretty decent cake. For a proper hot chocolate, take a walk to our Campus Boekentoren with the famous modernist Book Tower and visit Mayana.

  • Any other questions?

Do email us at icanvi@ugent.be.