Principal Investigator

Postdoctoral team members

Dr. Benjamin De Vos

Project Reception of Sophistic and Platonic philosophy in the Pseudo-Clementine literature
Research interests First and Second Sophistic, early Christian and apologetic literature, Classical and Hellenistic philosophy, literary theory



PhD students

Ms Camila De Moura (joint PhD with the University of São Paulo)


Narrative Patterns in the Lives of Ancient Greek Poets

Research interests ancient Greek biography, Lives of poets, ancient fiction, literary theory, ancient Greek theatre

Ms Emma Huig


The Holy Romance. Characterization and concepts of fiction in Italo-Greek hagiography

Research interests literary theory, narratology, hagiography, Byzantine literature, ancient and Byzantine Greek fiction

Visiting Scholars and Students

Prof. Dr. Saiichiro Nakatani (†) (1972-2023)

Project The reception of the ancient Greek novel from late antiquity to early modern Europe
Research interests ancient novel, narrative technique, classical reception, history of prose fiction, translation, bibliography

Former team members

Dr. Ellen Söderblom Saarela

Project Late antique and medieval receptions of ancient novels in western vernaculars (ERC Novel Echoes, 2020-2022)


Student helpers

Merel Van Nieuwerburgh (2023)

Anne Lanckriet (2022-2023)

Sien Denduyver (2022-2023)

Elisabeth Callewaert (2022-2023)

Mathijs Clement (2021-2022, 2022-2023)

Marthe Nemegeer (2021-2022)

Lotte Van Olmen (2017-2018)

Emma Vanden Berghe (2016-2017)


Pauline De Groote (2014-2015)

Lotte Van Olmen (2017-2018)

Robbe Vande Velde (2018-2019)

Associated members

Prof. Dr. Alberto Camplani (La Sapienza – University of Rome)

Prof. Dr. Kristoffel Demoen (Ghent University)

Prof. Dr. Marco Formisano (Ghent University)

Prof. Dr. John Morgan (Swansea University)

Prof. Dr. Danny Praet (Ghent University)

Prof. Dr. Michael Williams (Maynooth University)