Benjamin De Vos gives a lecture at Tartu University

At the request of Prof. Janika Päll (Tartu University), Benjamin De Vos (Ghent University) was invited to give a lecture about the relationship between the only (remaining) Christian novel, the Pseudo-Clementines (which is the subject of the Phd of Benjamin De Vos), and classical rhetorical education. This lecture fits in the rhetorical research of classical texts done by the Research Group of Classical Languages in Tartu. The warm welcome, the pleasant and stimulating intellectual atmosphere, and the discussions afterwards inspired us for the future and will lead to more cooperations between the two universities (which fits in the larger U4 society).

Benjamin also gave a lecture (Achilles and Polyxene as Adam and Eve: Post-Homeric mythology as a new Genesis story in the Jewish-Christian Pseudo-Clementine novel (4th c.)) on occasion of the EASR-conference in Tartu (Estonia). We can see here (from the left) Benjamin, Francesco Massa (from the University of Fribourg) who organised the session together with Daniel Barbu (who stands at the utter right, CNRS), Elisa Manzo (Naples), Chiara Di Serio (La Sapienza) and Mélanie Lozat (Geneva/Roma).