Principal Investigator

Prof. dr. Koen De Temmerman

Postdoctoral Team Members

Dr. Thierry Oppeneer (BOF UGent)


Dr. Flavia Ruani (ERC Novel Saints)


Dr. Tine Scheijnen (ERC Novel Saints/FWO)


Dr. Klazina Staat (ERC Novel Saints)


Dr. Julie Van Pelt (ERC Novel Saints/FWO)

PhD Students

Olivier Demerre (FWO)


Benjamin De Vos (main supervisor Prof. Danny Praet)

Visiting scholars

David Cohen (Humboldt Universität Berlin)

  • Project: Idiolekt in den Elektra-Tragödien von Aischylos, Sophokles und Euripides.
  • Research Interests: Dialects, sociolects, idiolects, Greek language, translation studies in ancient languages.
  • More information and bibliography:  Personal page


Nina Ogrowsky (Humboldt Universität Berlin)

  • Project: The spaces of the Ancient Greek Novel.
  • Research interests: literary theory, narratology, conceptual metaphor theory, intertextuality, space, ancient Novel, Greek imperial literature.
  • More information and bibliography: Personal page,


Julie Van Pelt (2013-2014)

Pauline De Groote (2014-2015)

Lotte Van Olmen (2017-2018)

Robbe Van de Velde (2018-2019)

Job Students

Emma Vanden Berghe (2016-2017)

Lotte Van Olmen (2017-2018)

Associated members

Prof. dr. Alberto Camplani (La Sapienza – Università di Roma)

Prof. dr. Kristoffel Demoen (Ghent University)

Prof. dr. Marco Formisano (Ghent University)

Prof. dr. John Morgan (Swansea University)

Prof. dr. Danny Praet (Ghent University)

Prof. dr. Michael Williams (Maynooth University)

Former team members

Dr. Annelies Bossu (sup. Prof. D. Praet; co-sup. Prof. K. De Temmerman) (FWO)

  • Project: Quick-witted women: literary studies of female characters in the Latin post-Nicene passions of the martyrs (2010-14)

Dr. Ghazzal Dabiri (ERC Novel Saints)

  • Project: Farid al-Din ‘Attar and the Writing of Sufi Saints Lives: between Genre, Audience, Milieu, and Literature (2015-18)

Dr. Peter Newey (sup. Prof. K. Demoen; co-sup. Prof. K. De Temmerman)

  • Project: Φιλοτιμότατος καì φιλοδοξότατος: Titus Quinctius Flamininus, the man and his portrayal by Plutarch (2007-12)

Kirsten Ricquier (ERC Novel Saints)

  • Project: Novel Saints in Byzantine hagiography (2017-18)

Dr. Annunziata di Rienzo (co-sup. Dr. F. Ruani) (BOF UGent/La Sapienza, Roma)

  • Project: Holiness and Power in Syriac Hagiographic Collections (2015-2019)